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Tillsammans kan vi göra mer

Familjer med Huntingtons sjukdom i Venezuela, Peru och Colombia behöver hjälp med mat, hygienartiklar och medicin.
Familjerna lever under extrem fattigdomen och pandemin ökar belastningen.
Varför ska vi hjälpa just de här familjerna ?
Den enskilt största Huntingtonfamiljen i världen finns just i Venezuela och består av 18000 individer. Tack vare dessa personer kunde forskare med Nancy Wexler i spetsen 1993 lokalisera genen som ger upphov till sjukdomen för att 10 år senare kunna testa för anlaget innan symptomen syns.

Humanitarian Assistance During the Pandemic

In some of the towns we work in, it is estimated that between 1-20% of the population might be affected by HD, and most of these families live in extreme poverty. Their debilitated health conditions put them at a higher risk of mortality if contracting COVID-19. That is why we have been channeling your donations to our local allies in Peru, Colombia and Venezuela who are ingeniously ensuring the families receive supplies of basic necessities, food, sanitation products, and masks.


Please consider helping our HD families in need

  • $30 provides basic food and supplies for 1 family for 1 month
  • $60 for 2 families
  • $120 for 4 families
  • $240 for 8 families
The Atlantic coast of Colombia and Maracaibo areas are the two most important clusters of HD in the world, where the disease has ravaged the population and left them totally vulnerable by being undernourished, lacking even the average immunity. This is why it is so crucial that we ensure the families in our communities receive food assistance at this moment, along with basic personal hygiene supplies.
Partly because individuals with HD are in constant movement, they need to be fed 5 times a day with high protein foods. Their nutritional and caloric demands are very high. Most of our patients in advanced stages (and their at-risk children) suffer from malnutrition and many require incontinence underwear, both of which are very expensive and difficult to obtain in South America.
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