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Basic training on Huntington’s Disease

Welcome to our basic training on Huntington´s disease.


The Swedish Huntington Association has thanks to the funding from Allmänna Arvsfonden in Sweden been able to produce an online training course about Huntington’s Disease (HD) and how to provide best care. HD is a complex disease with a great variety of symptoms and this training resource will help you understand more about how to meet the needs of the patients throughout the course of the disease.

Thanks to collaboration with the European Huntington Association (EHA) and funding from Roche and Novartis we are now able to share the training in English.

This training provides an overview of the disease, heredity and the course of the disease. We’re grateful for the close partnerships we’ve had on developing this training, with the country’s most knowledgeable doctors, care staff, care homes and personal assistant companies specializing in Huntington’s disease.

The length of the course is approximately 1 hour, including all the videos.

Tips: Once you’ve started the training, you can leave and come back to where you left off by choosing:  ” Start where you left off last time.”

Good luck!

RHS/ Swedish Huntington Association




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